by David Munyagwa

The Onyx Poncho

Version II


We're so thankful for all the feedback, orders, shares and likes that the Onyx Poncho has received. The opportunity to create true cut and sew pieces from scratch, has been a wonderful experience. Designing, prototyping and refining the Onyx has been an adventure in its self and we would like to share part of the adventure with you

The design

When we design our focus is to redefine what is familiar. So by taking classic silhouettes and innovating off of them we are able to create something original. We sketched out a typical poncho and from that basic sketch we created our design and features around it. In regards to style we wanted to create a poncho that was not only well designed but also versatile, easy to wear, classic and contemporary.

The features

Hideaway Hood 

The biggest addition to the classic silhouette of a poncho that we made was the hood. We wanted to design a water resistant poncho and it only made sense for it to have a hoodie. We wanted to add a hoodie that would contribute not only to the functionality but also the aesthetic and elegance of the poncho; Something sleek, light and simple. We designed the hoodie to tuck away into the collar and also be easily accessible when needed. Hidden by a 12 and half inch zipper and lined with a light denim material the hoodie does exactly what its supposed to do (protect you from the elements) and it does so elegantly.


With welted side pockets, snapable chest pockets and a kangaroo style pouch on the front, the Onyx has endless functionality. When we designed the pockets we wanted them to be easily accessible and stylish. These pockets give ease of access to things like your keys, wallet and phone while also keeping them dry and protected.

Fabric and craftsmanship

A Polyester and Polyurethane mixture is used to create a light weight water resistant shell. With the addition of a dark denim lining, there is a layer of insulation and warmth.

The Onyx was designed and manufactured in Grand Rapids. The poncho is put together by Public Thread, a company local to Grand Rapids with a phenomenal team of tailors that we work closely with to execute on our vision.


The reason we decided to write this blog post is to give some more insight on what the poncho is, its features and why we made it. With Spring and summer right around the corner, we will keep posting and sharing a lot more of our process and about what we are creating and why.

Thank you.

Parker Munyagwa