Spring & Summer 16 / by David Munyagwa

We're up to something.

As the Spring and Summer Season nears and clothes get their final touches for production here at Munyagwa, we can't help but to recognize how far we have come from conception. Taking on this season proved tougher than we initially thought. Making connections and chasing leads was the only way we were going to get this season going and that's exactly what we did.

Since this season will be marking a full year in operation, we decided to do something different by going beyond the norm of our standard production procedures. This Spring and Summer season we have created clothing from the very first stitch. The fact that we have dove into a new world of cut and sew manufacturing, the process initially proved to set us back. Creating great clothing had to start with finding great fabric and the authenticity of it is easier said than done.

We searched for months while we designed and prepared for the season. Finding the perfect fabric was essential to creating something that we could really be proud to have as a standard here at Munyagwa. We wanted to provide the best quality of material and spare no expense, but still have clothing that is realistically priced with a lot to offer. With such a challenging goal, we began to run out of time and needed to act fast on settling with a fabric supplier in order for this season to go as planed.

After months of dealing with ludacris fabric pricing, we finally found the perfect supplier. Also around that same time, we were able to get connected to a team of seamstresses in Pontiac Michigan, a button supplier in New York and a notions supplier in New York as well. Things were finally looking up, progress was underway! Prototypes were ordered and put in production. On April 23rd, which is known in grand rapids as Made In Michigan Day, we will be sharing this story and some of what we have created. The day that the Spring line comes out is May 28th. On this day we will be hosting an event that shows off our new designs and styles for this spring and summer.

Designing for this season was really straight forward. Focusing on the fundamentals of clothing and what really makes a great garment; from the fabric to the designs. We are more than excited to share what we have created with the people we have created it for, May 28th can't come any sooner. This season is a turning point for Munyagwa as a brand by opening up the door to custom couture clothing specially made for the Munyagwa Man and Woman.

This season marks a new chapter for Munyagwa’s story, as we continue to grow and design clothing that is original, simple and elegant. We will push ourselves to create and design garments that will truly be special to whoever wears it. We will strive to create garments that fit any occasion and any adventure.