About Us.

David Parker Munyagwa founded Munyagwa Apparel in May of 2015. Born in Kampala, Uganda and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan, he began his artistic background in fashion at a young age. Believing in the importance self discovery and individuality, David’s vision encompasses that life is a constant journey inventing one’s self uniquely in all aspects. Thus coining the term, Well Traveled.


Munyagwa believes in creating clothing with meaning for people who want to stand for something. Truth, discovery, adventure, being well traveled. Its more than just clothing, its a way of life; to live with no limits to live a life full of experiences and  fulfillment. 

Munyagwa as a brand believes in adventure and the expression of ones personality, aspirations and intentions through the power of artistic construction. This is reflected through the process of hand picking materials of the highest quality and molding them into an expressive and aesthetically pleasing collection along with transcending art and fashion to create none other than the Munyagwa Collection.